Lourdes 2+2 Duo [Travel Size]


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Lourdes 2+2  Duo [Travel Size]
Lourdes 2+2  Duo [Travel Size]

Perfect for travel, this mini version of our Lourdes 2+2  Duo will keep you feeling and looking fresh on-the-go. This crystal-infused toner | serum enhance skin's elasticity, soothe irritations, and prevent and heal blemishes and break outs. Hydrating, balancing, moisturizing, anti-aging and safe for all skin types. Available in rose or lavender-infused.

Our Super+Natural Lourdes 2+2 Duo is crystal-infused, petal-infused + raw vegan. All of our ingredients are 100% pure, organic, consciously sourced + cruelty-free. . [1 oz. amber glass bottle x2]. 

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